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CHOOSING A BIMINI: Measuring Your Boat

Get the Form: Measuring and ordering your Johnson Bimini Top is easy and accurate when you follow our step by step instructions. Just take your boat measurements and record them on this downloadable form. Now you're ready to measure your boat...

step 1Step One: Mark a point on the port (left) side of your boat, suitable for mounting the top. Measure the distance from the trailing edge of the windscreen to your mark (d1). Use that measurement to mark the corresponding point on the starboard (right) side of the boat. The distance between these two points is your "beam at the mounting point" (B).

step 2Step Two: Measure the distance from the floor of the boat to the mounting point of the Bimini Top. (F)

step 3Step Three: Decide the optimum height of the Bimini Top from the mounting point (H). Take care in making this determination. If your top is too high, you'll lose the shading effect, but if it's too low, it will be difficult to duck under to access the front seats or bow section.

Measuring for Unusual Designs, Extended Pylons & Towers:

There are so many boat designs and custom towers and pylons, it's impossible for us to describe all the measuring options online. Nonetheless, we can fit our Bimini's to almost any tournament style boat. If your boat is of an unusual design – most tournament style boats average approximately five feet from the floor to the top of the Bimini – or you have an Extended Pylon or Tower call us for directions on how to measure your boat. It's that easy.

Note: you need the free adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer to open and print the downloadable measuring/order form. If for some reason you can't install the acrobat reader, call us and we'll mail or fax you the form.

Steps to choosing your Bimini: